•  Systematized accounting of client orders for transportation of cargos
  • Appointment of a vehicle fleet considering client’s demands for special operations
  • Analysis of cargos volume and characteristics of transported goods aiming at providing information on planned expenditures and revenues
  • Vehicle fleet documents accounting, control of changes in its structure
  • Accounting, monitoring and forecasting of traffic
  • Control of vehicles technical characteristics, accounting information on their dislocation
  • Consideration of loading places characteristics and cargos peculiarities
  • Elimination of problems related to untimely delivered/undelivered cargos



  • Coordination of contracts and routes
  • Search and implementation of optimal solutions for distribution of existing means of transport
  • Optimization of traffic movement according to certain criteria
  • Redeployment plan calculation
  • Quality planning of vehicles optimal usage considering their performance characteristics
  • Elimination of costs for empty mileage and downtime
  • Optimization of expenditures for redeployment of a vehicle fleet



  • Introduction of flexible tools for data analysis and reporting
  • Improvement of accuracy and speed of reporting, analytics and planning
  • Compilation of a transportation matrix with detailing
  • Data processing and development of a convenient interface for studying and evaluating the information received
  • Combining data from different sources of information
  • Extraction of significant information from data array
  • Development of tools for analyzing and providing information in a concise and visual form based on modern analytical platforms
  • Analysis of large volumes of data in real time
  • Providing a secure mobile access to analytical information
  • Integration with external information systems
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