Secure data sharing and Management of healthcare web development

  • Ensuring of the secure exchange of electronic documents through EDI methods of communication between medical practices and healthcare vendors
  • Setting up the secure electronic exchange of any sensitive administrative information (such as claim forms, patient medical records, etc.
  • Ensuring of the secure electronic exchange of health-sensitive information (such as medical history, claim forms, referrals, authorizations, etc.) according to HIPAA EDI standards
  • Automation of X12 EDI 835 and 837 transactions sets
  • X12 EDI 270 271 transactions tracking
  • Assistance in facilitating documentation processing with required principles: comprehensibility, simplicity, strict structure and secure data storage
  • Assistance in the company’s relationships with its business associates, including contractors responsible for managing ePHI
  • Development of a comprehensive, highly informative and laconic UI
  • Implementation of a system controlling user access
  • Implementation of IT systems that fully correspond to new State requirements in the Healthcare Industry

EMR Systems Development, medical web development

Prototyping and developing easy-to-learn EMR solutions that give clinical staff access to the whole range of patient data, including basic vitals, medical history, ICD-10 codes, medications, allergies, test results, etc.

Creation of EMR system that is perfectly suited to cover your needs with some specific features:

  • Medical scheduling
  • Charting
  • E-prescribing
  • Patient portals
  • Mobile Health applications
  • Billing integration
  • Big data management
  • BI, data analytics, and reporting

Mobile solutions for doctors and patients

  • Mobilization of enterprise solutions, including EHR, laboratory and practice management and others
  • Integration of mobile solutions with existing applications and systems
  • Mobile applications for doctors and nurses that automate daily routine and enable care coordination
  • Mobile applications for patients to schedule appointments, track and share health, lab results and medications

Integration of EHR systems

  • Integration of disparate systems and devices to facilitate secure data sharing across departments and providers while en­suring the uniformity of data presentation
  • Access to advanced decision-support tools and features such as drug incompatibility alerts and symptoms monitoring in chronic care
  • Available up-to-date health records to reduce medical errors and coordinate effort between multiple specialists and care settings
  • Interaction with colleagues, patients, and payers via HIPAA-compliant tech
  • Engagement of patients and their families by encouraging them to submit health data, check lab results, give feedback, or request appointments online
  • Implementation of population health management solutions and tools to influence public health at community level


Healthcare analytics

  • Configuration of scalable and secure data warehouses
  • Employment of OLAP analysis
  • Artificial intelligence and data mining algorithms to analyze vast amount of medical data, including data from traditional systems, cloud and IoT data, patient-generated health data

Data segmentation and clustering

  • Performance reports and cost analysis
  • Pattern recognition and anomaly detection

Predictive and prescriptive analytics in healthcare web development

  • Creation of predictive algorithms and statistical models to search through a massive amount of health-related data, analyze it, predict outcomes for individual patients and support clinical decision-making
  • Creation of warning algorithms to predict and prevent readmission and post-operative complications, identify at-risk patients
  • Creation of matching patients’ files with clinical expertise and external researches to identify personalized treatment plans
  • Creation of self-service symptom calculators for patients
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