Management System

  • Development of solutions for the most effective presentation of your educational services
  • Development of solutions for easy management of your classes
  • Solutions for financial reporting and flexible payment system
  • Automation of schedule management
  • Development of convenient enrollment services for students
  • Development of online portfolio for a teacher
  • Development of solutions for online monitoring

Engineering and Product Development

  • Creation of unified tools for curriculum development
  • Development of a visual design of a product prototype that will meet the unique needs of your educational institution
  • Development of collaborative services, providing interaction between the institution and the participants of the educational process
  • Development of optimized solutions with a unified interface for various departments throughout the institution
  • Implementation of analytical platforms providing institutions with a solid basis for strategic decision-making, optimization of the educational process and cost reduction
  • Reengineering of educational processes

Back office services

  • Execution of a complete verification of the existing system working capacity
  • Realization, updating, supporting and integration with other back office systems, data storage solutions
  • Modernization of outdated systems, comparison of functional needs with system requirements, CRM, HR, financial systems
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