Our advantages
We highly appreciate people and we are able to see potential in everyone!
  • Excellent career prospects
    • Student practice under the guidance of experienced professionals
    • The possibility of allocation to our company for graduates
  • Conditions
    for advanced training
    • Teamwork on challenging projects side by side with technical leaders
    • English classes
  • High wages
    • We set a high price for qualified labor
  • Teambuilding activities
    • Active rest
    • Summer picnic
    • Corporate events
  • Flexible working hours and the possibility of remote work
    • You can regulate when you start and finish your working day and the time of lunch breaks yourself
    • You can work at home or in the office, the main thing is that you perform tasks on time and you are in touch during our teamwork
  • Comfortable
    • Own kitchen for meals and coffee or tea breaks
    • Coffee machine
    • Absence of dress code
English classes
supervised by an experienced teacher at the company’s expense
Corpitech - IT solutions
Victoria Monid
How are you doing?
I am Victoria and I’ve been thrilled to be part of the team since 2015. A few years prior, I obtained my CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults from Cambridge) and TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) on top of my degree from MSLU (Minsk State Linguistic University) combined with extensive experience in the States (9 years spent overseas shape the understanding of what you are supposed to be cable of).
Our office
Work that will give pleasure!
  • A variety of activities within the company unite our friendly team.
  • Nice to finish a productive working week with colleagues outdoors!
    Canoeing on a forest lake
    helps to feel like new after long working hours.
  • And again our trip to the lakeside from the office suite to get positive emotions: instead of air conditioners – a campfire, instead of computer mice – boat oars, and for dessert – barbecues.
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Why you
If you are thinking of going to IT, do not delay the decision on the back burner!
We are interested in people-innovators from any sphere.
  • Student
    employment opportunity and practical training for students
  • Graduate
    possibility of allocation to our company
  • Specialist
    opportunity for career growth
  • AI/ML Specialist
    • acquaintance to AI/ML (artificial intelligence / machine learning) and desire to develop in this area
    • understanding of machine learning methodologies
    • object-oriented programming skills
    • ability to work with databases (SQL)
    • Python programming knowledge and experience
    • knowledge and experience of using libraries to create neural networks (WorkFusion, TensorFlow, OpenCV and others)
    • knowledge of English at the level of reading technical documentation
  • WEB Developer
    • understanding of OOP and the basics of programming on .NET
    • ASP.NET
    • ASP.NET Core
    • C#
    • SQL
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • Web API
    • knowledge of multi-threaded application development principles
    • knowledge of English at the level of reading technical documentation
  • Junior .NET Developer
    • basic knowledge and skills to create .NET applications
    • practical skills in .NET and C#
    • experience in developing databases and stored procedures and functions
    • object-oriented programming skill
    • work with version control systems
    • knowledge of English at the level of reading technical documentation
  • QA Engineer
    • understanding of the testing process and the role of the tester in the software development process
    • basic knowledge of work with the database
    • ability to work with bug-tracking systems
    • knowledge of English at the level of reading technical documentation
  • Product Manager
    • management of innovative projects
    • strong managerial and communicative skills
    • analytical skills
    • tech and non-tech savvy
    • creativity
  • Technical Writer
    • general understanding of IT terminology and software development life cycle
    • ability to create well-structured, easy-to-understand texts
    • ability to visualize data using various visualization and modeling methods
    • ability to draw sketches, diagrams, schemes
    • ability to discuss technical issues and systematize selected information in technical documentation
    • ability to process large amounts of data
    • attentiveness and critical thinking
    • ability to understand complex issues
    • ability to explain complex things in simple language
you will be required
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Anna Tsvetinskaya
HR manager
+375 (29) 897-49-51
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you will be required
Corpitech - IT solutions
    • teamwork skills
    • acumen
    • readiness for development
    • learning ability
    • responsibility
    • speed
    • productivity
    • curiosity
    • discipline
    • adaptability