You have no idea what ERP is and how it operates - our experts will help you to understand why you need it and how to implement ERP system directly into your business.

You are clearly aware of what ERP is, you understand the features of its operation and think that you need it for:

  • automation of business processes
  • getting rid of "chaos”
  • development of a unified accounting system
  • introduction of modern technologies
  • staff reduction

Our experts will help you to formulate proper understanding of the need for ERP system introduction and set specific objectives, based on the peculiarities of your business.

Having wide experience of implementation and support, our team deeply understands the processes and has an individually approach to their organization on the purpose of:

  • improvement of quality planning
  • inventory optimization
  • increase in flow rate and turnover
  • production precisely on time
  • ncrease in profitability of projects

We can help you to understand whether you need to implement ERP system that will bring your company real effect.

We solve problems that hinder effective development of the enterprise relying on our own experience and help you to:

  • establish a unified management information environment
  • use homogeneous automation tools
  • get rid of manual planning
  • handle with the deficit and excess of components in warehouses, etc.

We will outline the main directions in the implementation of ERP:

  • management of production logistics (flow of materials, finished products, suppliers and contractors’ payments, etc)
  • maintenance of a client database, accounting and planning of contacts
  • personnel records, organization of work, payroll
  • financial and tax accounting
  • data exchange with other used systems
  • integration into one system of basic logistics functions: management of orders and purchases, supply and sales, inventory management, warehouses, relationships between suppliers and recipients of products and services, control of mutual settlements

Our practice shows that you need ERP for:

  • establishment of a single information space for the purpose of accounting in various services of the enterprise
  • possibility to manage a single database of regulatory and reference information
  • avoiding multiple input of the same information
  • possibility of continuous and complete reflection on the accounts of all business transactions
  • operational search of necessary data taken into account at any given time
  • control of personnel resources
  • obtaining reliable information on financial and economic activities of the enterprise
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