Our company will help you to disclose the full potential of your content:

  • documents
  • images
  • multimedia

You will realize all the possibilities of AI/ML with our support:

  • development of an artificial intelligence strategy
  • application of artificial intelligence to obtain analytical information from any content
  • conversion of your documents into useful data in a cost- and time-efficient manner 
  • development of knowledge models using machine learning
  • transfer learning with your own data
  • computer vision development
  • implementation and integration of applications based on artificial intelligence and machine learning


USE CASE: Computer Vision in Warehouse Automation

Now computer vision allows to use traditional things outside the box. Some years ago surveillance cameras performed just monitoring functions and today they are full-fledged participants in business. They start to streamline business processes along with security control! And computer vision systems allow doing it with high accuracy.

How does it work in a warehouse? In our particular case we aimed at implementation of surveillance cameras to optimize and establish better business processes.

How do we see it? It’s up to pure automation:

  • object detection and tracking
  • marking recognition
  • real-time WMS integration
  • business process quality management

We have combined advanced technologies, innovative approach, modern science and business processes to demonstrate how to establish unique solutions for business.


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