AI/ML solutions from scratch in any sphere of your business


  • Personalization of Healthcare
  • Analysis of medical images based on Computer Vision
  • Risk assessment
  • Public Health Management
  • AI-based predictions and recommendations

Public safety and security

  • Comprehensive video analysis based on Machine Learning
  • Face detection, recognition and tracking
  • Object detection, recognition and identification with ML
  • Editing frames and objects
  • Reliable person identification


  • Customized learning solutions
  • Virtual facilitators
  • Automation of administrative tasks

Transport and Logistics

  • Traffic management
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Inspection and maintenance of assets

Advertising technologies

  • Increase of consumer data
  • Automated audience clustering and targeting
  • Predictive performance analysis
  • Identifying brand-safe content

Media and entertainment

  • AI for the intelligent automation of your operations

Machine learning

Machine learning algorithms to improve products and operations

Expert systems

Creation of expert systems for solving specific problems in any subject area

Computer vision

Creation of software for processing, analyzing and understanding images and videos

Neural networks

Creation of neural networks and usage of deep learning techniques to improve operational efficiency


Computer Vision in Warehouse Automation

  • object detection and tracking
  • marking recognition
  • real-time WMS integration
  • business process quality management



AI Cooking

  • saving personal time by avoiding browsing cookbooks, googling on your phone, searching for YouTube videos
  • preparation of quality food, personalization of recipes to your taste
  • step-by-step control of your actions by technology
  • software capable of training kitchen staff



Pull up Tracking and Counting

  • control over the correct implementation
  • recognition of unsuccessful attempts
  • counting the number of successful repetitions and the time taken to complete



CV in Warehouse Small-Sized Stock Counting

  • object detection and tracking
  • recognition and counting




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